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Oved Pinchover (31) is a jazz saxophone player, born and raised in Nataf, a village near Jerusalem, Israel. Since early childhood, Pinchover absorbed the klezmer tradition, together with classical and jazz music. Pinchover started learning to play jazz clarinet and saxophone at the age of ten. Already two years after, at the age of twelve, Pinchover participated in MATAN - musical workshops and camps for gifted music students. Later on, Pinchover has studied with some of the best Israeli jazz-scene musicians, such as Eli Degibri, Albert Beger and Boris Gammer.

When finished his BA studies in The Jerusalem Academy For Music And Dance, Pinchover moved to Berlin, where he took part in a number of ensembles as a side-man. In 2015 he established the ‘Oved Pinchover Quintet’, which recorded and released it’s first studio album ‘Tango Klezmer Blues’ on 12/2015.

On March 16’ Pinchover moved back to Israel and re-gathered the Quintet in its Israeli version. Since December the same year the Oved Pinchover Quintet is regularly performing in festivals and other venues all over Israel. Except for leading the Quintet, Pinchover played and still plays in a large numbers of orchestras and ensembles such as the Castel in time Orc’, Kivsus Heabrow groove (Daniel Zamir), The Lab Orc (stephen horenstein)’ etc.     



Tango Klezmer Blues
Photo: © David Linke –
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